The INGIE Paris winter 2018 collection is a mix of inspirations, as varied as it is masterful; the spirit of flora and fauna, the play on pleats or the ethereal transparencies. Here, nature and enchantment guide creativity like a surreal dream.

Gold stands out as an Elysium, alternately bursting through on fluid lamé or as a contrast on pleated lamé, it channels a bold yet implicit femininity that celebrates multifaceted, modern women and their many different traits.


INGIE Paris enhances its ultra glamourous contemporary offering with flared concertina pleated trousers, cigarette pants with black and gold pleated effects, as well as a long coat with matching velvet collar in addition to a revamped tuxedo jacket embroidered with sequins.
Silhouettes are styled in their entirety. In addition, pumps, ankle boots and high boots with stiletto heels are introduced, enrobed in textures and patterns identical to those of the collection, the yellow gold philodendron leaf adorns a ring, wraps delicately around the wrist or magnifies a neckline.

Essentially relying on three colors, a flamboyant red, cobalt blue and gold; black and blue hues complete the palette showcasing the brilliance of the precious metal.
INGIE Paris continues to express its individuality and love for dramatic, uncomplicated fashion that promotes the elegance and seduction of the glamorous, modern women of today.